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Benefits of Online Tutoring

When most people think of tutoring, they think of having someone come to their home and sit next to their child for a few hours each week. During this current pandemic, allowing private tutors into the home is an added risk. Although not as common as face-to-face tutors, online tutors offer the same benefits to your child without the inconvenience of travel. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of online tutoring and how hiring a private tutor can help your child succeed.

Face-To-Face Instruction

Although an online tutor cannot sit next to your child, they can still provide the same instruction. Through utilizing video conferencing software, online tutors can sit face-to-face with the student while teaching. At Study Buddy Tutoring, we optimize this process by using screen-share functions that allow us to sit face-to-face with the student while also viewing their screen. This allows us to work with screen annotation and create a virtual learning environment that mirrors what would happen in person.

Better than Video

Have you ever watched an instructional video and found yourself constantly pausing it to write things down? Even worse, have you ever watched a video that left you with more questions than when you started? At Study Buddy Tutoring, we never move on until we are sure that the student understands what we are teaching. That way, the student gets more interaction than just watching a video and has an opportunity to ask questions as needed.

Individualized Lessons

In a traditional classroom, teachers can only teach lessons so many ways. With an online tutor, they can assess the way the student learns and teach to their needs. At Study Buddy Tutoring, we always provide individualized instruction to best fit the students' needs. Because we offer one-on-one sessions, the students can be confident that the lesson will be structured in a way that they understand and not generalized for a group.

There are many benefits to private tutoring, and these are just a few major points. If you have been considering hiring a private tutor, feel free to contact us for a free consultation to see if we are the right fit for you!

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